Dear readers,

It is my pleasure to welcome you into Perforations.

Perforations Journal is a small attempt at fostering conversations, ruminations, and imaginings about and around borders. Like all things, it acts as a living entity that can only hope to hold space for important conversations around how individuals and communities think of the borders that are prevalent in so many lives, but often remain out of sight of those of us with privilege.

In this first iteration, Perforations is honored to present powerful, timely, and time-worn works that engage aspects of the U.S.-Mexico border at multiple levels through poetry that interrogates prevalent perceptions of borders, to reprints of works that ask what a wall blocks and what presumptions it establishes, to maps that restituate North America's geography, and more. Please join me in sitting with the works of the talented, thoughtful, and knowledgeable contributors.

Before I close this short letter, a special thank you to a few individuals without whom this project would not have existed is a necessity: thank you Stephanie Young and Juliana Spahr for your guidance and advice; thank you Joshua Zuniga for your encouragement and technical advice; thank you to my fellow Community Collaborators Zehra Shah, Caroline Gasparini, and Tiffany Cruz for your bright encouragement, excitement, and advice, I am so grateful to have worked and shared time with all of you over the last many months.


And finally, thank you, dear reader, for entering this work. I invite you to read, to view, to think, and to allow this journal to lead you towards further explorations.

Stay curious,

Tovah Strong

P.S. If you are curious about the works that have influenced the construction of this journal, or simply desire a few resources to explore, you can find a list on the Addendum to the Curator's Letter.