Call for Submissions! [Deadline Extended]

perforations is looking for work that attempts to examine and peel open abstractions of borders--particularly the U.S.-Mexico border--and what lies beneath.


Send us something you've already created, or follow the instructions below.

  1. Carve out fifteen to thirty minutes. (If you want to spend more time with your project, please feel free to do so.)

  2. Within the set period of time, work from, address, enact, or otherwise engage with one or more of the prompts below. Give yourself permission to wander. Do not aim for exactitude. Be bold. Invent. Do something unexpected.

    • Without looking at maps or conducting extensive research, draw, write, or enact the U.S.-Mexico border.

    • Work from one or more of the following: How are you complicit in division? What are the physical divisions where you live or where you grew up?

    • Recount a moment where the border touched you.

    • Make/build/draw/envision a bridge, ladder, or other object that transcends rivers or physical, human-made dividers such as walls.

    • Envision or enact the disappearance of physical, human-made divider such as a wall.

  3. Email the resulting text, video, or photographs of art to: by April 30th.


Writing: Please submit writing in a doc. or docx. format. Word and Google Docs are preferable.

Images: Please submit photographs as a JPEG. If submitting photographs of artworks, please make sure they are clear, but do not worry about making them appear sterile. This journal is not intended to exist as an aseptic exhibit; it is a breathing entity.

Video and Recordings: Please ensure that files are under 15GB, and between 480x470 to 1920x1080 pixels.


perforations is pleased to be able to provide each contributor with an honorarium of $30.


All works remain the property of the artist.

If your work is selected for publication, we will request a bio, as well as any social media handles that you would like attached. If your work has a written component, we will also ask if you are interested in recording a reading, and provide assistance if necessary.


Email or send a message via our contact form.