Map Projection IV - Stereographic (North America Surrounds), 2020

Diagonal Press
Sterographic N. America.jpg

Courtesy of Diagonal Press. Photo: Matthew Spiegelman.

Est. 2013 Tauba Auerbach

Publications in open editions.
Nothing signed or numbered.


-To make art in the form of publications.

-To publish reference materials that support exhibitions, experiments and other people.

-To devise a business structure in which the publications are affordable and their value defined by what one might get out of owning them, rather than from reselling them.

-To exploit the physical possibilities of accessible, consumer-level printing and binding processes such as comb binding, coil binding, photocopying and rubber stamping, and to use these technologies in inventive ways.

-To execute production in-house as much as possible.

-To operate with autonomy and integrity.

-To avoid confusing integrity with rigidity.

-To participate meaningfully in the present and necessary psychic shift. 

The diagonal line is the Z axis in a 2D drawing— the dimension that comes off the plane.

Diagonal Press can be found at their website and Instagram.