Giants, Kikito and the Border patrol, Tecate, Border Mexico-USA, 2017


Courtesy of JR and JR's Studio.

JR owns the largest art gallery in the world. Thanks to the technique of photographic collage, he exhibits freely on walls all over the world, thus attracting the attention of those who do not usually visit museums.

Author of the 28 Millimeters project which he started in the Clichy-Montfermeil area in 2004, he continued in the Middle East with Face 2 Face (2007), in Brazil or in Kenya for Women Are Heroes (2008-2011), whose documentary was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 (Semaine de la Critique).

JR creates “infiltrating art”. During collage actions, communities participate in the artistic process. In these actions, no scene separates the actors from the spectators. JR's anonymity and the absence of explanation accompanying his immense portraits allow him to leave a free space for an encounter between a subject/actor and a passer-by/performer, which constitutes the essence of his work.

JR can be found at his studio website.